The VIP Way

La façon de faire de VIP

Innovation, excellence, collaboration, and loyalty mark our twenty years of history and attribute to Version Image Plus its excellent reputation. These values, firmly rooted in the company, guided the revival of VIP.

It goes without saying that the steps are taken in recent months – extension work, acquisition of new machines, new image – testify to our devotion to innovation. Indeed, for us, it is not a goal to be attained, but rather a way of working. The VIP team is always striving to be at the forefront of large format digital printing technologies. It is thanks to our constant innovations that we guarantee excellence; an eminent degree of quality for all our products and services.

Members of our great team are involved in the achievement of common goals. Collaboration is an integral part of all the processes undertaken and it is through this collective work that we are always loyal to our partners. By loyalty, we mean a real dedication to our commitments, with our colleagues, our suppliers, and, of course, our customers. From the smallest to the biggest, all the projects are treated with importance, and we all help to fill our customers’ wishes.

These are the values ?? that inspire our work and our efforts. Loyalty, innovation, excellence, and collaboration define our identity and follow us in our accomplishments. They are real guidelines, followed with confidence and pride. In short, more than a goal, they are our way of doing, they are VIPs.


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