SMI and Version Image Plus, a key partnership

SMI and Version Image Plus, a key partnership

Over the years, we have developed close partnerships with other experts in the wide format printing industry to ensure outstanding service to our customers.


This is the case of the Quebec company Système Mobile d’Impression – SMI. This key partner specializes in the creation of mobile system for prints and for all types of projects.


These systems designed for display on custom made structures, on trucks or on buildings have revolutionized our business. Thanks to the frames or structures, the visuals printed on the vinyl banners are easily interchangeable thus making the installations more cost effective.


When it comes to placing visuals on your trucks and trailers, SMI frames offer a more advantageous solution than adhesive, which can be quite expensive. In addition to being able to easily change your visuals, our partnership allows a turnkey order, print and installation service that guarantees peace of mind for all your projects.


Being developed according to a modular system, the SMI structures have no limitation in terms of size. Therefore, with our super-efficient printers, which can print up to 16’x1000′ in a single section, we offer ideal printing and installation solutions for your buildings and events, regardless of their size.