Our production team offers impeccable service throughout your projects.

Our young and dynamic team of
experienced people guarantees you the
best advices for all your projects.

What distinguishes us :
Our powerful system, VIP TACTIC, that allows us
to track your orders in real time and troughout
the production process. This way, we can accurately
anticipate the required delays for the task,
ensuring you the best service possible.

Our qualified experts rigorously
check that the dimensions, colors and resolutions
of your files are correct, to ensure a work
that meets your expectations.

What distinguishes us :
VIP has invested thousands of dollars in
the infographic treatment automatisation,
meaning shorter deadlines when you provide
your files in the desired standards.

With state-of-the-art equipment and a
24 hours a day production, V.I.P. has a
monumental printing capacity, the equivalent
of 40 times the Eiffel Tower per hour.

What distinguishes us :
We have duplicates of all our machines
ensuring a continuous production.

Printing in rolls of 16 ‘x 150’ in one section.

Printing up to 2 “thick on rigid materials.

Our finishing team perfects the work
needed for the refinement of your projects.

What distinguishes us :
Our fully automated department, with unique
equipment on the market, allows very
short deadlines and an impeccable finishing touch.

Our specialits carefully pack your products
to optimize space and to make sure that
they arrive in good condition. They identify
each package with the information of your
choice and the visuals, if desired.

Our shipping department specialists
will ship your orders in the desired
time and place by consciously
choosing the most affordable carrier.
Then, they supervise the orders
until their arrival to destination.