• Cushion

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    • The personalized cushions are catchy accessories that add a luxurious look to your decor.
    • Printing on high end fabric.
    • Available in both indoor and outdoor materials.
  • Flag

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    • Use flags in front of your stores to catch your customers attention
    • Sublimation printing on flag fabric
    • Version Image Plus prints ALL shapes of flags; let us know your flag holder model and we will print the appropriate flag for it.
  • Label

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    • Whether it is to display a promotion or your prices, in your store or directly on your items, labels are a simple and effective way to draw attention and inform your customers.
    • Use your creativity and stand out with original labels.
    • A wide variety of printing is possible, such as on cardboard, paper, exhibition fabric and vipac.
  • Signage

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    • Signage is essential to guide your customers moving around your store.
    • Printing on several materials such as adhesive, cardboard, coroplast, aluminum or paper.