• Signature column

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    • At the sights of all pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers who pass by, signatures columns are a good way to have your ad seen many times in a day.
    • High resolution digital printing on backlit vinyl (transvy) or styrene.
    • The dimensions are 47 ¼ ” x 68 ¼ ”.
  • Street column

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    • The street column is at the heart of the action. A lot of people look at them in a day, such as pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers.
    • It is positioned on sidewalks and contains 3 illuminated surfaces.
    • Printing on backlit styrene, which provides an excellent image quality. The styrene’s type is selected according to the exposure time of your advertising campaign.
    • Digital printing is resistant to UV rays.
    • The most common size is 37 ” x 55.75 ”.