• Column

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    • Column wraps are catchy because they are at customer’s eye level and they can be oversized.
    • Being frequently unpainted, column wrap is a good option to decorate the premises.
    • Printing on exhibition fabric, banners and permanent adhesive.
  • Elevator doors

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    • Advertising on elevator doors is very catchy since it is at the customer’s eyes level and it is very original.
    • It is also a good time to interact with your waiting audience.
    • Printing on removable sticker.
  • Hoarding signage

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    • Hoardings are ideal to announce the opening of your store.
    • Printing on permanent adhesive.
  • Shopping mall doors and windows

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    • Advertising on doors and windows creates a strong visual impact as soon as your customers arrive in shopping centers.
    • Perfect for out-of-the-ordinary creations.
    • Printing on several materials, such as perforated adhesive, electrostatic and removable adhesive.
  • Shopping mall interior displays

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    • Indoor display targets everyone in the mall. It is therefore ideal for promoting a new product or to remind your customers to come visit you.
    • Printing on fabrics, papers, banners, adhesives, etc.
  • Shopping mall stairs

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    • Whether to decorate steps, handrails or sides of handrails. Advertising on the stairs is catchy at any time.
    • Your projects will remain in good condition thanks to the excellent quality of the materials.
    • Printing on permanent adhesive with non-slip finish for floor prints or on removable adhesive.