• Car dealer flags

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    • Flags flowing in the wind indicate your presence in beauty and subtlety.
    • Sublimation printing on flag fabric.
    • Version Image Plus prints ALL shapes of flags; let us know your flag holder model and we will print the appropriate flag for it.
    • See our flags section to see our in-stock models.
  • Dealership indoor advertising

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    • Indoor ads are interesting to promote your campaigns while your customers are waiting.
    • They can take many original shapes. Use your creativity and then leave it to Version Image Plus.
    • Printing on fabric, adhesive, cardboardcorrugated plastic (coroplast)stryrene and more.
  • Dealership outdoor advertising

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    • Outdoor ads are essential to promote your campaigns and bring attention to your car dealer.
    • They can take many original shapes. Use your creativity and then leave it to Version Image Plus.
    • Printing on fabrics, adhesives, cardboard, corrugated plastic (coroplast)stryrene and more.
    • Materials will be chosen based on their exposure time and location.
  • Dealership pole banner

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    • It is a promotional vinyl banner or mesh, printed on both sides and attached to a pole (supplied on request).
    • Made in vinyl banner or in two-sided mesh, sewn with reinforced hems, pole banners are foolproof.
    • Visit our pole banner section for more ideas.
  • Dealership signage

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  • Dealership signboard

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    • Your signboard is a great marketing investment. It is the best way to promote your business and attract customers directly to you.
    • Printing on vinyl banner, plexiglass or others, according to your projects.
    • Choose a backlit signboard to be seen during days or nights.
    • See our signboard section for more ideas.
  • Promotional tent

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    • The promotional tent provides excellent visibility and is useful to protect your outdoor booth. It will keep its shine despite the UV rays and will remain waterproof. It is lightweight, very strong, easy to install and takes only a few minutes to set up.
    • We can print the customized format of your choice.
    • Printing on waterproof fabric.
  • Vehicles and trailers wrapping

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    • Make your car and trailers more profitable by applying adhesive advertising.
    • This type of display has a very high retention rate.
    • Our vehicle adhesive is very resistant so they remain intact for a long period of time.
    • Our graphic designers are available to help you create catchy looks.
    • Visit our wrapping section for more ideas.