• 16′ UV Fabric

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    • Our UV 16’ fabric is composed of 100% polyester fibres and is very durable.
    • Its tight-weave structure gives the material slightly elastic properties
    • Vibrant colors and excellent print quality
    • Indoor and outdoor usage
    • Outdoor durability up to 6 months
    • It is recommended for:
      • Stretch-frames;
      • Banner stands.
  • ABS

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    • Our ABS is a durable plastic polymer to hard climatic conditions.
    • It has a 20 to 60 thousandth inches thickness.
    • This material is recommended for long-term outside exposition.
  • Adhesive fabric

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    • Our adhesive fabric is a 4.0 mil matte white polyester fabric with an acrylic removable pressure sensitive adhesive.
    • The combination of fabric and adhesive allows removability of this product from normal wall surfaces.
    • It is designed for temporary application of decals and graphics to most types of painted interior walls. This includes most of paint finishes, such as flat, semi gloss and gloss.
    • UV printing.
    • Removable up to 6 months under normal interior exposure conditions and applications.

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    • Our aluminum panel is also called dibond.
    • It is made of two pre-painted aluminum sheets of 0.008″ thickness with a solid polyethylene core.
    • It is the flattest panel on the market.
    • It provides excellent durability and won’t bend.
    • It is approximately one half the weight of aluminum
    • It is perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Artist canvas

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    • This canvas is durable and composed of a 100% polyester fibre.
    • Available in roll widths of maximum 126”.
    • UV printing.
    • Artist Canvas is recommended for :
      • large format wall decor
      • display signage
      • retail application
      • murals
  • Backlit adhesive

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    • Our backlit adhesives are ideal for backlit displays.
    • They offer even light distribution and are resistant to climatic conditions because of their anti-cracking properties.
    • They are ideal for interior and exterior backlit displays.
  • Backlit vinyl (transvy)

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    • Our backlit display, also called transvy, is made with polyethylene (PET)
    • It effectively transmits light, dispersing it evenly and consistently across a picture.
    • Due to its rigidity, graphics can be more easily inserted into light boxes and it has anti-static treatments.
    • It is an outstanding choice for interior and exterior backlit graphic displays, such as:
      • Transit shelter
      • Indoor display
      • Street column
      • Backlit poster
  • Cardboard

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    • We have three categories of cardboard:
      • Our cardboard, with 12 to 125pts thickness, has the higher quality and is made with recycled paper. It is design with clay-coated smooth surfaces for 1 or 2 sided high quality printing.
      • Our corrugated cardboard is the most affordable. Its surface is rougher and it can be printed on one or both sides.
      • Our hexagon cardboard is the strongest because of its high thickness of compressed cardboard. It has a smooth surface that can be printed on 1 or 2 sides and is made with recycled materials.
    • Recommended applications:
      • Indoor uses
      • POP advertising
      • Backlit center, backlit poster and subway vertical poster
      • Standee
      • 3D displays
  • Corrugated Plastic (coroplast)

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    • Our corrugated plastic, commonly called coroplast, is a fluted cardboard that is waterproof.
    • It has a thickness of 4,6 or 10mm.
    • It is ideal for temporary or event applications as well as indoor or outdoor uses.
  • Electrostatic

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    • Our electrostatic adhesives are made for temporary windows applications.
    • They do not have any adhesive product which greatly facilitates their installation and uninstallation.
    • They can be installed from inside (inverted) or from outside (regular).
    • They are ideal for window displays in commercial places as well as for events.
    • We have deux kind of electrostatic, clear and white
    • Clear electrostatic can be printed with a full white back or with a white selective back, which will give a stain glass effect to your non-print parts.
    • White electrostatic can only be installed on the outside of the windows because his electrostatic property is on the back of the material.
  • Exhibition fabric

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    • Our premium soft fabric is very durable and made of 100% polyester fibers.
    • It is flame retardant.
    • Sublimation printing.
    • It is recommended for:
      • Exhibition;
      • Display-systems;
  • Extensible fabric

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    • Our extensible fabric is composed of 91% polyester fibres and 9% Elastane
    • It is flame retardant
    • Sublimation printing.
    • It is recommended for
      • Exhibition
      • Banners
      • Display-systems