• Curtains

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    • We print the size and model of stage curtain that suits you.
    • Sublimation printing will give your drapes a stylish look that will be reusable from one scene to another
  • Floor covering printing

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    • Whether for carpets, floor adhesive or others, Version Image Plus has the solutions to carry away your audience with your stage set.
    • Printing on floor adhesive, see door, floor and wall section for details.
  • Movie set

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    • Print your landscapes and decors on our materials of the desired size.
    • It is an affordable solution that will make the actors appear in veracious and enchanting landscapes.
    • Printing on matte vinyl banner or on sublimated fabric
  • Stage accessories

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    • Printing on corrugated plastic (coroplast) and cardboard is inexpensive, which is ideal for your stage accessories.
  • Stage background

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    • A multitude of options are available to create an enchanting setting on your stage.
    • Printing on fabric for the creation of curtains, regular or light box frames, etc.
    • Printing on removable adhesive, corrugated plastic (coroplast) or cardboard for any other backgrounds.