Our new machine, the Inca Onset X3

Recently, Version Image Plus acquired new printers, including the giant Inca Onset X3. This new arrival in the VIP fleet, with its high-end large format UV printing technology, reinforces our products without compromising the printed product’s quality.

The Onset X series from the Inca brand is made up of three printers, the X1, X2, and X3, which can easily be adapted to upgrade to a higher model. Thanks to their scalable architecture platforms, they can be configured according to production needs. Thus, VIP opted for the X3 model to reach heights of productivity, with a capacity of 900 square meters per hour. It also features fourteen ink channels, three sets of CKMY plus a choice of white or orange, a unique look among large format flatbed printers.

The VIP team is very positive about this new acquisition and enthusiastic about the new business opportunities it will allow. It should also be noted that this is the first new machine in a series of four, which will be installed as part of our expansion. Now that the work is done, let’s make room for novelty and productivity.


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