Giant Steps Foward

VIP À pas de géant vers l’avant

The end of July will mark the end of our expansion work. Find out what’s new!

Since its inception, the large format digital printing industry kept on improving. Nowadays, there are almost no limits on formats, materials, colors, or concepts. Version Image Plus is committed to constantly remaining a precursor of innovations and to keep positioning itself at the cutting edge of technology. We specialized in large format digital printing so we do things big! This summer will mark the end of our expansion phase. We are adding 32,000 square feet to our current Laval plant, promising several new things at VIP

This new space will include two 20’ x 78’ interior garages. These will be used to personalized vehicles of all kinds: road trains, cars, closed trailers flexible tarps, cubes, vans, etc. Thus, we extend our expertise by offering an installation service directly on our premises. Many processes can be used to transform a vehicle. We can, among other things, print visuals on banners or on permanent adhesives to make a partial or a full wrap.

Obviously, the expansion of our building will allow the arrival of new machines. In the interest of greater effectiveness, we continue the mechanization of our finishing department with new technologies for cutting, varnishing, and lamination. Finally, our production capacity will also be enhanced by the arrival of new printing devices. New printers, that have just been launched on the market, will be added to our equipment. This investment of more than 7 million dollars demonstrates the dedication of VIP to always ensure quality and efficiency.

Version Image Plus takes, once more, a very big step forward – a 32,000 square feet step – securing its place among the giants of the digital printing industry in Canada.

Stay tuned for future publications and to learn more about our new equipment, our company, and our expertise.



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