• Backlit poster

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    • Backlit posters are an excellent advertising option to reach your target audience. The retention rates of those ads are high since the customers are in waiting period when they contemplate your realization.
    • Printing on backlit paper, backlit vinyl (transvy), backlit styrene and others.
    • Backlit posters have a standard size, 47.25 “x 68.25”, but it is possible to make an eye-catching extension by adding wall or floor adhesive around your advertisement.
  • Platform poster

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    • A platform poster is the gathering of 3 backlit posters. Therefore, it offers impressive visibility for your advertising.
    • Your advertisement will be printed on 20pt white opaque styrene or on laminated adhesive vinyl stick on a 20pt opaque white polystyrene.
    • The total size is 144 “x 66”.
  • Subway side bus poster

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    • Subway side bus posters are aimed at all customers in a specific metro station. It is easy to geographically target your selected audience.
    • Single-sided styrene
  • Subway station full wrap

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    • Subway station full wrap is catchy at any time.
    • Ideal for events in a specific area or to interact with your customers during their waiting time.
    • Multiple printing options available, use your creativity with:
      • Adhesives for floor, door and wall, columns;
      • Vinyl banner;
      • Cardboard;
      • Exhibition fabrics.
  • Vertical subway poster

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    • The vertical subway poster is ideal for reaching your target audience while moving towards their destination.
    • As the advertising is inside the subway train and well protected, printing is done on cardboard, which is inexpensive.
    • Dimensions are 20 “x 28”.