• Backlit adhesive

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    • Our backlit adhesives are ideal for backlit displays.
    • They offer even light distribution and are resistant to climatic conditions because of their anti-cracking properties.
    • They are ideal for interior and exterior backlit displays.
  • Electrostatic

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    • Our electrostatic adhesives are made for temporary windows applications.
    • They do not have any adhesive product which greatly facilitates their installation and uninstallation.
    • They can be installed from inside (inverted) or from outside (regular).
    • They are ideal for window displays in commercial places as well as for events.
    • We have deux kind of electrostatic, clear and white
    • Clear electrostatic can be printed with a full white back or with a white selective back, which will give a stain glass effect to your non-print parts.
    • White electrostatic can only be installed on the outside of the windows because his electrostatic property is on the back of the material.
  • Mesh

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    • Our mesh are perforated PVC materials.
    • They are a lot lighter than banner, which facilitates very much their installation.
    • We have 5 different kinds of mesh:
      • Our black back mesh is ideal for advertising on buildings with windows. Thanks to its black back, it is easier to see through the material than with a regular mesh.
      • Our two-side mesh is ideal for pole banners exposition in high winds areas.
      • Our 50/50 mesh is ideal for advertising on sound system and loudspeaker because it allows the wind to pass so it doesn’t affect the quality of the sound.
      • Our 80/20 and 70/30 are holed either at 20% or at 30%. They are ideal for outdoor exhibitions such as, scaffolding coating, stage coating, fence covering or murals.
  • Paper

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    • Our papers are an economic way to replace banners. They are lighter and cheaper.
    • They are resistant to cold and UV rays, but torn up easily with wind.
    • Many sorts are available, such as gloss, semi-mat, backlit and glued.
    • Recommended applications:
      • Poster
      • Label
      • Horizontal and vertical billboard
  • Perforated adhesive

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    • With their one-way vision, our perforated adhesives are perfect for windows.
    • You can see outside from the inside but only see the advertising when you are outside.
    • They are ideal for:
      • Residential window
      • Commercial window
      • Vehicule window
  • Permanent adhesive

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    • Our permanent adhesives are ideal for your long-term projects.
    • They are available for interior or exterior uses, either opaque, translucent or clear.
    • Recommended applications:
      • Permanent backlit displays
      • Wall decals
      • Cut-out lettering
      • Name tags
      • P.O.P display
      • Interior or exterior signage
  • Reflective adhesive

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    • Our reflective adhesive has a coating that is durable and flexible.
    • It is ideal for attracting attention, for example to:
      • Outdoor signage
      • Road and vehicle security equipment
      • Signage board
      • Construction site board
  • Removable adhesive

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    • Our removable adhesive is ideal for your temporary exhibition projects.
    • It is easily removable in up to 1 year under normal interior exposure conditions.
    • It is available for interior or exterior uses, either opaque, translucent or clear.
    • Recommended applications
      • Door and window
      • Floor (anti-slip adhesive)
      • Objects, show scene, sales house coating.
      • Wall decals
  • Vehicle adhesive

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    • Our vehicle adhesive, used for partial and complete car wrap, is flexible and malleable.
    • It covers easily all the car curves as well as rivets on trailers.
    • It is resistant to outside climatic conditions
    • It is ideal for
      • Boat
      • Van
      • Truck
      • Trailer
      • Recreative car
      • Car
  • Vinyl banner

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    • Our banners are light and resistant support.
    • Their thickness is between 8.8 and 22oz.
    • We have interior and exterior banners that resist hard climatic conditions such as, water, UV rays and wind.
    • They are ideal for indoor and outdoor displays, such as:
      • Event advertising
      • Outdoor signage
      • Indoor signage
      • Light signed
      • SMI trucks and trailers
      • Kiosks
      • Pole banner
      • Billboards
  • Vipac

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    • Our vipac is a synthetic polypropylene paper unique to Version Image Plus.
    • Unlike other paper, our VIPAC does not tear off, so it is an affordable way to replace vinyl banners.
    • It features an absolute block out effect that makes it ideal for double sided printing
    • It is ideal for outdoor and indoor printing.