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    • Our ABS is a durable plastic polymer to hard climatic conditions.
    • It has a 20 to 60 thousandth inches thickness.
    • This material is recommended for long-term outside exposition.

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    • Our aluminum panel is also called dibond.
    • It is made of two pre-painted aluminum sheets of 0.008″ thickness with a solid polyethylene core.
    • It is the flattest panel on the market.
    • It provides excellent durability and won’t bend.
    • It is approximately one half the weight of aluminum
    • It is perfect for indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Backlit vinyl (transvy)

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    • Our backlit display, also called transvy, is made with polyethylene (PET)
    • It effectively transmits light, dispersing it evenly and consistently across a picture.
    • Due to its rigidity, graphics can be more easily inserted into light boxes and it has anti-static treatments.
    • It is an outstanding choice for interior and exterior backlit graphic displays, such as:
      • Transit shelter
      • Indoor display
      • Street column
      • Backlit poster
  • Cardboard

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    • We have three categories of cardboard:
      • Our cardboard, with 12 to 125pts thickness, has the higher quality and is made with recycled paper. It is design with clay-coated smooth surfaces for 1 or 2 sided high quality printing.
      • Our corrugated cardboard is the most affordable. Its surface is rougher and it can be printed on one or both sides.
      • Our hexagon cardboard is the strongest because of its high thickness of compressed cardboard. It has a smooth surface that can be printed on 1 or 2 sides and is made with recycled materials.
    • Recommended applications:
      • Indoor uses
      • POP advertising
      • Backlit center, backlit poster and subway vertical poster
      • Standee
      • 3D displays
  • Corrugated Plastic (coroplast)

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    • Our corrugated plastic, commonly called coroplast, is a fluted cardboard that is waterproof.
    • It has a thickness of 4,6 or 10mm.
    • It is ideal for temporary or event applications as well as indoor or outdoor uses.
  • Foamboard (foamcore)

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    • Our paper-faced foamboard, usually called foamcore, is comprised of extruded polystyrene foam with clay-coated white paper facers.
    • It can be printed on both sides.
    • It is perfect for die cutting and extremely lightweight.
    • It can be used for indoor display and for short-term projetct such as:
      • Exhibit
      • Kiosk
      • P-O-P display
      • Poster
      • 3D signage
  • Gatorboard (gatorfoam)

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    • Our gatorboard, commonly called gatorfoam, is a heavy-duty foam board composed of extruded polystyrene foam bonded between two layers of wood-fiber veneer.
    • It can be printed on both sides.
    • It has thickness of de ½’’ ou 3/16’’, ¾’’ or 1’’.
    • It is ideal for medium to long-term projects, such as:
      • Exhibit
      • Kiosk
      • P-O-P display
      • Poster
      • 3D signage
  • Plexi

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    • Our plexi is a high quality transparent acrylic sheet that is shockproof and weatherproof.
    • It has a special UV stabilization that protects the sheet from yellowing.
    • It is available in translucent white or crystal clear.
    • Our material is available in 1/8’’, 3/16’’ or ¼’’ thickness.
    • It is ideal for:
      • Outdoor uses
      • Outdoor signage
      • Poster protection
  • Plywood (crezon)

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    • Sticker print affixed on our plywood.
    • It is available only in 11mm.
    • It is ideal for large exterior signs, such as:
      • Construction site signs
      • Real estate signs
  • Pvc Foamboard (sintra)

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    • Our pvc foamboard, also called sintra, is composed of PVC in a homogenous sheet with a low-gloss matte finish.
    • It is lightweight but rigid and resistant to chemicals, bumps and scratches.
    • It is a perfect product for:
      • Exhibits
      • Kiosks
      • Framing
      • Interior signage
      • P-O-P displays
  • Styrene

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    • Our styrene is a versatile and affordable polystyrene (HIPS).
    • It has excellent dimensional stability and provides good toughness, stiffness and impact strength.
    • It is UV resistant and will not warp of curl, even if exposed to mold.
    • Our material has a thickness between 20 and 125 thousandths of an inch.
    • It is available for light box with a thickness of 175 thousandths of an inch, for backlit displays.
    • Recommended applications:
      • Shelf Strips
      • Backlit Displays
      • Formed Packaging
      • Menus
      • Platform poster, subway side bus poster and backlit poster
      • Rear bus poster and side bus poster
      • Retail Displays
      • POP Displays
      • Temporary Outdoor Signage
      • Indoor Signage
  • Vial

    More details
    • Our VIAL is an interior fluted aluminum board, unique to Version Image Plus.
    • Thanks to is fluted corrugated plastic (coroplast), our VIAL is lighter than plywoods (crezon).
    • His flutes allows water to easily clear out, which makes it perfect for outside displays such as :
      • Construction site signs
      • Real estate signs